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On the accompanying pages you will find my resume, and contact information. In addition I will provide occasional links to blogs, pod-casts and articles that are either authored by me, or that I find of particular interest. Before that though let me tell you a little about myself. 

Prior to Law School I worked in the Information Technology (IT) field for over 15 years. I  worked on desktops and servers, managed departments and regions, worked as a network engineer, project manager and technical sales support. I acquired many technical certifications along the way and served on some very prestigious boards and committees, I have even helped to write many exams for technical certifications such as A+, Net+, Security+, etc.  During this time I served on the executive advisory board for CompTIA and received the contribution to the industry award for my work.

The Business and IT field was very good to me over the years, however in 2010 I decided to begin a second career, and a fulfill a life long dream to pursue earning a law degree. Along the way I went back to college to refresh my formal education and received a BA from Middle Tennessee University focused on business law. I accepted an offer to become part of Belmont University’s charter law school class in 2011 and graduated in May of 2014 with my Juris Doctorate. 

During law School I worked for a year and a half as an intern and assistant for the District Attorney General's office in the 13th judicial district. I continued to work with this great office, while preparing for the bar exam in July of 2014. Upon finishing the Bar exam I was offered a full time position as an Assistant District Attorney.

In addition to my career as a prosecutor I am also focusing on some legal writing projects. Specifically I am working on a criminal law related article on the progression of cyber crime into rural America, I also plan to expand my research on the topic of decision making during negotiations, meditations, and plea bargains, a subject I wrote extensively about in a 50 page student note, for which I received a best practice award, while in Law School.

In an effort to continue to expand my skills in business and law, I applied and was accepted into the MBA program at Tennessee Technological University.

In August of 2015 I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to join Shawn Fry at the Law Office of Fry and Fry where I focus on Civil actions, business and corporate law, contracts, negotiations and mediations, family law, and transactional work such as loan documentation and real estate matters. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. And thanks again for checking out my digital home.

I want to thank Professor Victoria Vuletich for this recent article about me.

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