AGE: 44

​COLLEGE: Belmont

DEGREE: Juris Doctorate

Civil Litigation

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Hi! My name is Brett Knight

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​​I’m an Attorney based in Middle Tennessee.

​When I am not in court you can find me talking on radio, podcasts, and social media about legal topics or issues affecting our country and society.

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Fry, Fry, Knight, & Murphy
165 East Spring Street, Cookeville TN 38501

I believe in America, the Ideals on which it was founded, and the Constitution which it is governed under.

I believe in the power of people to be able to make their own decisions and gain the benefit, or bear the burden, of their actions and decisions.

I know first hand the ability of men and women to rise up above their circumstances.  I have experienced this in my own life and have witnessed it in many others.

I enjoy studying and talking about these things that I believe and know, as well as local events, as well as political and social topics over social media and traditional media outlets.

Above all I love spending time with my family and helping my local community grow.